Vladimir Vitanov


Raised in the beautiful town of Teteven, located between hills of the Balkan Mountains, Incept's Founder Vladimir has always been fascinated with art and cinema. 

Long time movie fan, his inspiration to computer generated art came from the cinematography of both Inception and Seven. In his free time (almost never) Vladimir plays table tennis and football. 

Svetlozar Stankov


Initially working in the IT sector, Svetlio's creative spirit lead him to the digital art world and his next move was to join INCEPT.

 Automobile websites are his sanctuary. After work, you could find Svetlio covered in machine oil while tweaking his favorite Toyota Prius.

 He also hits the gym regularly.

Emil Kisiov


As an architect, Emo worked at VB Studio, developing and elaborating on architectural ideas thanks to his vast imagination and captivating visualizations. Every Thursday night, you could find him blowing off steam at PM club’s infamous hip-hop parties. He also greatly enjoys breaking his limbs on football fields on the weekends.

Iva Nakova

Iva is the only girl doing CGI at INCEPT and she is great example for dedication and perfection. She never makes compromises with quality and deadlines.

Beside being unique in many ways, she still has some human qualities like playing with her dog and reading Steven King's novels in her free time.

Ivaylo Dimitrov

The youngest member of Incept proves that age does not matter when it comes to creativity and talent. He loves researching new plugins and software all the time. 

When not at work, you could find him modelling creatures in Zbrush or reading anatomy books. 

Nikola Makedonski

" There is a problem for every answer" - this is the best way we could describe our incredible, extraordinary and talented artist Nikola. His vast imagination and abstract ideas have brought massive technological impact to our workflow and in the same time many funny ideas. He always goes into the smallest details no matter if they are visible or not. In his free time you could find him on his roller skates flying in the city traffic.

Ivaylo Ivanov


Being a great family man and a father, Ivaylo has always been huge part of INCEPT. His leadership qualities and technical skills inspire all of us every day. Careful tutor and listener, he makes you feel more confident and motivated when working with him.

Besides changing diapers, he usually listens old school rap music from the 80's and the 90's.

Luboslav Iliev


Our photoshop magician Lubo does something from nothing. No matter how the raw rendering looks like, he always make it look awesome!

His musical background plays huge role in his drawing abilities. DJ-ing in clubs after work he never comes late despite his busy schedule. 

In his free time he goes out with his girlfriend.

Gabriela Popova


Office manager, marketing expert, HR and great friend! Gabi always brings positive vibes and motivation at Incept. Taking care of our daily accounting tasks and office management she is great support for all of us.

Besides that, she loves reading fantasy books and watching Star Trek. 

Stefan Dimov


Our photographer, drone operator, animation editor, copywriter & technical support. His love for Ridley Scott's "Gladiator" inspired him to study Film Directing but due to his career at INCEPT, he still hasn't finished his Master's Degree. His acquaintance with Vlado is owed to Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.

 Stefan also loves underground electronic dance music and djs under the alias Movieman.